What's New at Regent Research Writing Pvt Ltd ?

Regent is an equal opportunity employer with office at New Delhi and Bangalore. Fun, activities and engagement is normal at office.
Flexible hours and work from home options are offered for content team.

Christmas Party

Christmas tree is a symbol of love and happiness that's why we decorate it by heart and lots of chocolates and gifts. There's a kind of honour to present them when they all are in one frame. So, our team decorated our workplace as well and playing a game like Secret santa and giving happiness to everyone.

25 Dec 2023 Bangalore

75th Azadi Day of India

Celebrated 75th Independence Day. Freedom to get was very hard many people laid their life for this. We need to remember them always in our heart for this achievement. JAI HIND

15 Aug 2022 Bangalore

New year Celebration 2021

Happy New Year....! Here's to a bright New Year in our new office and here's to the things that are yet to come, and to the memories that we hold. It was good day with the beautiful flower decoration.

01 Jan 2022 Bangalore

Christmas Celebration

Hello.....! and Merry Christmas the team demonstrated their creativity and embellished the workspace with red and white dress code, Christmas tree, decorations, and secret Santa gift games. Our team dressed up in either red or white and to keep up the spirit of our teams. fun games and refreshment snacks with cake cutting was conducted.

25 Dec 2021 Bangalore

Potluck, Sharing food+Telling Stories

"It's a nice reminder to really relish these moments."

29 Feb 2020 Bangalore

Decorating our workplace to raise awareness for the importance of a Healthy Work Environment

What can be more pleasing than seeing your colleagues spraying Collin on your desk and cleaning it for you. This recently conducted activity at our office had two motives, one was to make everyone understand the work that our office boys put in each day, and the second motive was to build relationships between teammates by cleaning each others desk. This fun filled activity became even more interesting when our employees decorated each others desks with flowers and posters. All in all, the experience was one to savour.

01 Feb 2020 Bangalore

Merry Christmas!

It’s that time of the year which all of us enjoy. That fun filled experience of decorating your office with your colleagues. Lights, cakes, balloons, gifts and games are the highlights of this mega festival. Oh! I forget about the Secret Santa. This game gets so exciting when you have a chance to assign some amazing tasks to your mates. At the end, there is always a sense of surprise when you find out who your secret Santa was. All in all, Christmas for all!

25 Dec 2019 Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi

Deepavali Celebration

Diwali, regarded as a festival of lights, is one of the significant festivals celebrated in India with great pomp and enthusiasm. The work space was decorated with LED lights,rangoli, flowers, and other decorative items. Diwali comes with clothing regulation. Employees were traditionally dressed, and the best-styled men & female were rewarded. To add a bit of fun, engaging activities were conducted, and the winners were honored. The party was wrapped up by distributing exciting gifts and snacks.

26 Oct 2019 Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi

Ayudha Puja Celebration

To provide a glance to the traditional roots & boost employee morale, our team organized Ayudha puja in our Bangalore office. To add more colours to the celebrations, the team members were dressed up in ethic wear. The celebration began by making rangoli & decorating the office and ended by worshiping tools/ayudha & seeking divine blessings.

07 Oct 2019 Bangalore

Feeding the needy & spreading the smile

From the day of inception, social responsibility has been an integral part of Regent Research Pvt.Ltd. Coupled with ethos, we aim at giving back and contribute to the overall well-being of society. To support this cause, our team at Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi took the initiative of sharing ‘rice & roti’ with the hungry and make a difference in their lives.

28 Sep 2019 Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi

Creating engaging workplace culture

As the saying goes, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy,” a workplace without scope for fun leads to a hum-drum working environment & reduces overall employee productivity. To create a relaxing working environment, our HR team organizes fun activities on Fridays, build stronger workforce bonds and ensure employee satisfaction.

27 Sep 2019 Bangalore

Rejuvenating together as a team

Amid never-ending projects & tight deadlines, stepping away from work area and chilling out with teammates is what that improves employee productivity & team bonding. To motivate our team at Bangalore, we, at Regent Research Pvt.Ltd, organized an outing to Club Cabana resort, enabled our team to get a break from the hustle workday and promoted positive work culture.

10 Aug 2019 Bangalore