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Regent Research Writing Pvt Ltd is a leading research and academic editing company having worked on 35000+ academic documents till date.

Company works with PhD candidates, authors and research scholars and offers editing, proofreading, copyediting and formatting services. Company offers editing services for journal manuscripts, documents in LateX, scientific documents, white papers, dissertations and theses.

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Deepavali Celebration

Diwali, regarded as a festival of lights, is one of the significant festivals celebrated in India with great pomp and enthusiasm. The work space was decorated with LED lights,rangoli, flowers, and other decorative items. Diwali comes with clothing regulation. Employees were traditionally dressed, and the best-styled men & female were rewarded. To add a bit of fun, engaging activities were conducted, and the winners were honored. The party was wrapped up by distributing exciting gifts and snacks.

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